Sword shaped wood spanking paddle
Offered in different lengths and colors

Sword Paddle

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My innovative 'twist' on the traditional wood paddle, this paddle is shaped to look and feel like a Roman sword.  This sword design is my contribution to the world of Kink and I am quite pleased with how it yields - with a 'weapon' feeling, adding a little drama to any scene ! The thinnest portion of the impacting 'blade' - at about 5/16" - creates a nice sting and sound.  It is also a lot of fun to handle, and can be used in 3 ways; flat, along its side for greater thud, or by giving a poke by the tip ! 

Currently available in 2 sizes:

  • The Short sword is 1-3/4" in width and 21-1/2" in length.
  • The Long sword is 2-1/2" in width and 24" in length.

Please note that I specifically selected Ash (a North American hardwood) for the blade portion of this paddle because it can withstand remarkably high shock loads when stressed with a perpendicular impact.  The Ash blade is laminated between pieces of Maple forming the handle portion of the paddle.  If you have experienced paddle breakage in the past (beware of any Pine implement), but still love a paddle that is thin enough to be overwhelmingly stingy, then give this one a try !