Available in Dark Purple of Colonial Cherry.
A thuddy spanking paddle with a distinct sensation.
Two different paddle sizes available.

Tenderizer Paddle

Regular price 65.00

This paddle is for those seeking a thuddy paddle.  With its very distinct sensation, its becoming a favourite of thud lovers and sensationalists alike !

This paddle provides a thuddy sensation because its surface is textured with large scale pyramids - just like an oversized meat tenderizer !  Its hand-carved surface makes a great sound at impact, looks scary and impacts quite deeply in the muscles.  Each pyramid is 3/8" in height; deep enough to bruise deeply in the muscles, but not enough to cause skin damage.  Practice risk-awareness by starting slowly... And wait for your 'pain loving' bottom to beg for more !  

This paddle can also be used gently by pressing on your partner in sensation play. The handle is an irregular hexagon about 1-1/4" in diameter.  The paddle is made of cherry, so it feels very light when held, but is still very strong.   

This paddle is offered in two sizes:

  • Varsity Size: 23" long by 3 3/4" wide; the impacting portion is 13 1/4" long.   
  • Regular Size: 19" long by 3 3/4" wide; the impacting portion is about 10-3/4" long. 

The regular size paddle is lovingly varnished in a Dark Purple while the variety size is a 'Colonial Cherry' stain.   

FYI: Given the manual carving required, this paddle ships usually within 1 week of being ordered.