Vinyl mop flogger on a wood handle. Vegan

Vinyl Mop Flogger

Regular price 45.00

A "Lots of Fun" flogger with 50-ish lightweight falls for a mid-range sensation.  Each fall is very light, made of vinyl which is itself quite soft.  However, the dispersion of the falls is very wide.  Overall, this flogger provides a massage-like flogging sensation.   In other words, it is not all that stingy because of the large number of falls, but also not overly thuddy because of the light weight of each vinyl fall . 

This flogger packs an interesting and very unique sensation !  I hope you are curious !  Simple and Elegant design, with a 100% focus on feel!

Available in Black vinyl, mounted on a 1-1/4" diameter hexagonal handle and finished with a turkish knot.  The knot is made with leather for its Elegance, but can be requested with a vegan option.