50 tacks of different color choices add to the spanking experience
Wood hand paddle for spanking.
Each tack feels like a little spank.
Antique brass of gunmetal tack choices available

Hand Paddle - Spiked

Regular price 45.00

This little paddle transforms your hand into an instrument of torture or delight. This paddle is scary at first sight - really adding to the psychological pleasure of the spanking. When spanked, this paddle has a very distinct sensation; rather heavy at impact, with the tacks clearly hitting the skin first like 50 little condensed punches...  Hard to describe, but once you try it, you will be convinced !  

The wood portion of this paddle is shaped to contour to your palm and it covers your hand without impeding your motions.  It is 5-1/2" by 3-1/2", and is 1" thick at its thickest. It is held firmly in place by two leather straps; one of adjustable length for your palm and a smaller one to insert your fingers into.  The impacting surface is covered with 50 tacks, rounded to prevent piecing the skin.  It can also be used gently to massage the muscles as a sensation toy.  

This spiked hand paddle comes in a black stain with black straps.  Tacks are available in antique brass or gunmetal color.  It is rapidly becoming a favourite toy of many !