Very stingy vegan flogger. Rubber on a wood handle.

Rubber Cat-O-Nails

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While rubber is definitely on the 'Sting' side of the sensation spectrum, this flogger is designed to be especially thuddy.  Indeed, its rubber is heavy.  At impact, the sting sensation comes from the rubber 'pinching' the skin, while its heavy mass generates enough force that the impact doesn't just 'bounce off' the skin !  So you get both worlds - a good rubber sting and a heavy thud, all in one ! This is certainly a unique sensation !

It is made of 12 strips of rubber, 3/8" wide and slightly less than 1/8" thick and 18" in length. The falls are mounted on an octagonal handle, about 1"1/4 in diameter, and finished with a turkish knot made of rubber as well.  The hanging loop is also rubber, making this flogger fully vegan.

For masochists and sadistic givers.  Enjoy Responsibly !