Vegan rubber cord flogger - very heavy and stingy
Heavy rubber flogger for masochists and sadists

Rubber Kisses Flogger

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Oh my !  This rubber flogger packs quite a punch, and has a way to be vicious like only rubber can be! 

Stingy on impact, this flogger is made of 40-ish rubber cords, each 1/8" in diameter.  Notwithstanding its many falls, the falls of this flogger do not spread widely during the flogging motion, and hence feel heavy on the skin at impact.  This creates an interesting sensation, as the tips are stingy but the density of the rubber at impact makes it feel 'heavy' (not thuddy, but punchy).  

In this flogger, each fall is actually a loop, itself attached mounted on an octagonal handle about 1"1/4 in diameter.  This ensures that there is no risk of the falls unraveling in your hands.  Simple and Elegant, with a 100% focus on feel!  

Made for masochists and sadistic givers in mind.  Enjoy Responsibly ! 

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