Moose Suede flogger on turned wood handle

Moose Suede

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Oh My - Thud lovers beware !  Moose hide is the purest thud sensation at impact !  And since this leather is only the suede portion of the hides, it is especially soft on both side of the falls !  If you are looking for a soft sensation at the touch, yet a surprisingly thuddy impact; then look no further!  

This moose hide is 4 to 5 oz in weight - which is about a medium strength once the flogging force is applied.  It is only available in black.  We are currently offering 2 sizes, both mounted on a turned handle finished with a hanging loop.  These floggers is decorated by a turkish knot at the base, and are weighted for easy of play ! 

The Regular size has 25 falls of 1/2" in width and 18" in length.  It is a relatively light, easy to yield flogger, with an impressive thud for it size. 

The Mop size offers the Ultimate Thud.  This flogger has 33 falls of 5/8" in width and 18" in length.  It is much heavier, yet well weighted for ease of motion.  It is a very special flogger indeed.  

Supply for this type of hide is sporadic - meaning that I do my very best to keep it in stock but I will sell only while supply lasts.  If you want it while it shows 'Sold Out', please contact me and I will pre-order yours as part of my next delivery.