Montana tanned leather flogger on turned wood handle

Montana Tanned Cowhide

Regular price 85.00

This flogger is stingy and produces sensations on the ‘hard’ end of the spectrum.

This leather is cowhide, yet its "feel" is distinct enough to merit its own category. The tanning method used in preparing this leather produces a hide that is very dense and heavy, while remaining relatively thin. The resulting sensation is a strong sting at impact - felt predominantly at skin level since this leather absorbs very little of the energy transferred! So while this hide is 5 to 6 oz thick,it is still quite harsh.  As such, we recommend this flogger for sting-loving masochists and experienced bottoms alike.

This flogger is available in Black. We offer 2 sizes and both versions are designed with our signature turned handle.

Our small version has 25-ish falls - ¼” in width and 18” in length. The narrower falls increase the perception of sting at impact. Practice your flogging technique until you can hit with the very tips of this flogger for maximum stinginess !

The large version also has 25-ish falls, but with a width of ½”; length remains at 18”. Double the leather implies more mass at impact, and hence a thuddier sensation. We maintain the natural stinginess of this hide by cutting the tips of the falls diagonally. This flogger is also weighted for ease of motion and will be most loved by self-identified ‘Heavy Bottoms’ and ‘Pain Sluts’. Yes, you know very well who you are !!!