Vegan flogger made of paracord loops attached to a hand-crafted handle

Looped Paracord Floggers

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A paracord flogger (or two) is a nice addition to any toy bag!  This looped paracord flogger is ideal for beginners, since it can be relatively soft at impact but increases in intensity as the flogging motion increases.  It is perfect for exploration of a thud sensation, and with falls light enough that bruises are not an issue.  

All of our paracord floggers are mounted on a 1-1/4" diameter Maple hexagonal handle.  The wood handle is appreciated for its rigidity, which allows for a natural flogging motion - it transfers all wrist motions (compared to an all-rope flogger with a laced handle that will soften over time). They are finished beautifully with a turkish knot and a D-ring for hanging and wrist looping.  

They come in two lengths and in multiple colours.  

  • The Short version (falls of 13" in length) is ideal for play that occurs in close quarters, or increased accuracy in flogging those especially sensitive zones.  The long version (falls of 16" in length) is ideal for all applications, including those mentioned above, with a little bit of practice !
  • Readily available in black, red, black & red, purple, pink, & rainbow.  

    And yes, these floggers are vegan ! They are also ideal for players with multiple play partners, as they sanitize very easily. Wash gently with soap - but take care not to let the handle soak.  Enjoy !