Leather floggers by Viktoria Creations for light play or beginners

Beginner's Exploratorium

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So you have finally acknowledged that you yearn to explore flogging.  First of all, Congratulations !  But now, you wonder: "What toy should I purchase to play with my partner, who is consensual, but yet not convinced that this is such a great idea ?"

Voila !  We design these simple yet elegant floggers with the novice in mind.  Made from genuine cowhide and sourced from a local First Nations supplier, these floggers are made with my same high quality - but at a small price !  The leather is 5-oz in thickness; enough weight for a good bite! (But not a bruise..) The 25-ish leather falls are 1/4" wide - and offer a stingy sensation - but are not overly intense.  Start your play with a soft touch in the flogging motion, since the strength you put into the act will determine the impact force.  As the saying goes: "If it isn't fun, you ain't doing it right !"

The leather falls are mounted on an 1 1/4" diameter hexagonal handle, and finished with a turkish knot.  There are two lengths to choose from: 13" or 18 ".  The shorter length is ideal for play in the bed or on the most sensitive body parts (use your imagination!).  The longer length is ideal for use on a spanking bench or a cross - or anyplace you have enough room to swing at will. 

These floggers are part of my Sensations Series: 100% focus on feel.  Start your exploration of the senses with the highest quality product at the best possible price !

FYI: Alternate floggers that are Even Softer include our Deer Hide or Deer-Tan Hide floggers