Brass chain flogger on wood handle. For masochists or sensationalists.
8 falls of brass chain on each flogger

Golden Chains Flogger

Regular price 50.00

Those who love heavy and thuddy impact will be very impressed by this little flogger.  When thrown like a flogger, the sensation is a full thud: each fall being so heavy that they each feel like a little bunch.  It also helps that it looks mean and scary - with it being metal !  We recommend to start the play with a slow flogging motion and take it from there !  

However, this flogger can also be used gently and become a favourite of sensualists, for when you simply caress the skin with the falls, the flowing sensation it provides cause shivers !  It can also be put into the freezer for temperature play (and guarantee the shivers indeed!) .

It has 8 falls of brass chain, each 15" in length, which are mounted on an hexagonal handle of 1"1/4 in diameter and finished with a turkish knot. It is elegant yet simple, with 100% focus on feel !