Veg tanned cowhide flogger - very stingy.
Like a Cat o Nails. Very stingy and can be severe.
Affixed to hand-crafted wood handle.

Veg Tanned Cowhide

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This flogger is the ultimate Sting.  In terms of sensation, it is reminiscent of the original Cat-o-Nails historically used for criminal punishment.  This leather is basically what is used to make belts - so consider yourselves warned!

It is thick (8 to 9 oz), dense and rigid, and made of 10 falls of ¼” in width - which are basically square in shape.  Hence, it feels very stingy at impact and especially so when the edge hits the skin first. We recommend this toy only to masochists and ‘Heavy Bottoms’, and sell it with the forewarning that: “A gentle flogging motion goes a long way with this one!”.

Indeed, these floggers offer the strongest sting sensation of the toys I design. Yet they earn their place amongst my Sensation series, given their potential uses: maybe as a punishment tool, maybe as the grand finale of a progressively harsher scene. Only your exploration will tell!

This flogger comes in 3 lengths;

  • Short: falls of 15” in length.
  • Medium: falls of 18" in length
  • Long: falls of 21” in length.

The shorter version will be easier to aim on the most sensitive body parts, while the longer versions can be used more traditionally, and will the more severe given the increased speed attainted by longer falls.

In all versions, the leather falls are mounted on a hexagonal 1 1/4" handle, finished with a Turkish knot at the base and a D-ring and wrist loop at its end.