Palm-sized hand paddle for an intimate spanking experience.

Hand Paddle - Flat

Regular price 35.00

This little hand paddle is for all non-masochistic spankers out there!  It fully covers your hand to enhance both the sting and thud of the impact, while keeping the motion of a hand spanking.  We wouldn't want the Top's hands to bruise too much !  

The wood portion of this paddle is shaped to contour to your palm and to cover your hand without impeding your motions. It is 5-1/2" by 3-1/2" in size, and is 1" thick at its thickest. It is held firmly in place by the two leather straps; one of adjustable length for your palm, and a smaller one for your fingers.  It fits any size hands to ensure that the pleasure of the spanking lasts as long as desired !  

In terms of sensations, it increases the stinginess of the spanking while allowing the same intimacy and the motion as an over-the-knee spanking.  Especially perfect when you have a masochist on your hands !