Elegant buffalo floggers on turned wood handles


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Buffalo hide is my favourite !  The sensation of this hide is definitely thuddy, yet with an 'after-feel' of sting at impact.  You can start slow and soft - used this way, this flogger is great for a warm-up.  Then with an increase in force, you can send your partner into a cathartic mindset. The perception of sting increases as the force mounts.  Definitely a medium to hard strength - but very versatile - toy.  If you wish to have only one flogger (to start !), and you wish to explore and increase your limit in terms of pain sensations, then this is the one for you! 

These floggers are crafted from high quality Buffalo hides sourced from my local first nation supplier.

Several options available.

The hides come in two color choices - light and dark brown. They are about 5 oz in weight, with the darker tone being slightly stiffer to the touch than the lighter shade, whose softness is deceptive once the flogging motion is applied !

We also offer a choice of handle and falls in this elegant line of floggers.

We offer 2 choices of turned-handle Buffalo floggers with 33-ish18" falls. There are 2 width choices: 1/2" and 5/8". The 1/2" flogger would be the stingier of the two. The 5/8" Mop-style flogger option is our largest flogger. More leather means more thud and greater dispersion at impact. These floggers are weighted for ease of motion and are definitely thuddy.

I pride myself on offering a lower-priced line of floggers that can offer a very similar impact sensation as the larger turned-handle floggers, for the more price-sensitive amongst us. To this end, we offer Buffalo on a hexagonal handle. Crafted with the same high quality Buffalo hide, this is a smaller Buffalo flogger with 25-ish 1/2" falls and 18" in length, mounted on my hexagonal handle of about 1'1/4" in diameter.  It is completed with a D-ring, a leather wrist loop and a turkish knot . Once again, a very elegant flogger.