Leather baton by Viktoria Creations, BDSM

Baton ("Thuddy Jack")

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This baton is the ultimate thud impact toy.  It is composed of several wraps of heavy leather rolled around a flexible core.  The leather end is flexible enough to absorb energy at impact, yet is heavy enough to transfer the force very deeply into the muscles.  Used with modest force, this toy will bruise any butt !  Enjoy Responsibly !

The leather is mounted on an attractive turned Maple handle, which can also be used for percussion play.  It is also the perfect addition to any and all 'police' and 'military' scenes. 

The baton is about 16" long, and comes in 2 different types of leather.  The black model uses 5-oz Cow and is relatively stiff (and hence slightly stingier at impact).  The brown model is composed of Buffalo hide, which is more subtle and hence, is all thud.   

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