About Us

Viktoria on Mighty Spanking HorseViktoria is my preferred name, the one I received when I became my King’s Princess. In our fairy tale story, He created Viktoria and everyday allows me to be authentic and to realize my dreams.  So now, I am on a mission to help you actualize your own path and build your fantasies !  Part of my life story is that I became a masochist spanko well before I trained as a cabinet maker.  Now, I combine both passions by designing and crafting impact and sensation toys - mostly floggers and paddles - as well as play furniture - either for a dungeon or ABDL nursery.
My Path:


I am a lifestyle Kinkster who started my BDSM journey on the day I turned 18 - by that I mean that I believe that BDSM is my sexual orientation. The Internet of the early 2000’s made it possible to find information and fellow kinksters with relative ease, though the community I first joined was still very formal (and D/s oriented). I was lucky (and brave) enough to explore my desires and preferences and found that I most enjoy my spankings mixed with a touch of softness. Since then, I have played from both sides of the toy - but still most love to be taken on a sensational ride where pain and pleasure intertwine and bring me to ecstasy! It continues to amaze me what we can do and feel with our bodies. 

Since I started so young and simply couldn’t afford good quality leather floggers, I started making my own. My first few generations of toys were quite rough looking, and all about function! But I developed an appreciation for the variety of sensations that different materials can provide, and I kept creating new and better toys in the pursuit of novelty. I then decided to go woodworking school where I acquired design and cabinetry skills. It was there that I honed my woodworking skills making paddles, turning handles and made my first few pieces of furniture: a bondage bed and a catholic crucifixion cross. I knew then and there that as long as I had a place to practice my woodworking in private, I would continue to make my kinky dreams come true.

And here I am today, where I live under My King's guidance, in our utopia which includes my very own fully equipped workshop and crafts room.

My Kink Philosophy:

I am a spiritual Kinkster.  I believe that BDSM is a powerful journey to discover all that the human body, mind and soul can experience !  As we put our bodies through pain and ordeals; as we consciously give ourselves different roles; as we experience a range of strong emotions; as we deeply connected with our partners and strive to realize our fantasies; we pursue the noblest of quest = to become all that we are and can be !  By pursuing pleasure and mutual fulfillment, by bringing joy into the world, I believe that we embrace fully our humanity...